World Class Innovation

Podfo - The world's first 3D printed insoles


Peacocks have made the world's first commercially available 3D printed custom insole offering design flexibility and precise customisation. These one-piece bespoke foot orthotics use Progressive Flex™, providing comfort, precision and durability that con't be achieved using traditional manufacturing methods. 

Our product has been developed at Peacock's Innovation Labs, in collaboration with internationally recognised academics in podiatry. Combining over 5 years of dedicated research, the design is proven to improve patient biomechanics. These custom made insoles are available at the North East Foot Centre.

Many of our athletic customers who want to get back to the sport they love have been prescribed them. 

View more on our blog to see how it can help with Plantar Fasciitis, knee pain, and other lower limb mobility issues. 

Find out more about Podfo here 

Peacocks head office and manufacturing plant is based just outside of Newcastle city centre and manufactures custom insoles and shoes to meet the needs any foot pathology. Unlike most other podiatrists and comfort shoe retailers, we have both the orthotic and manufacturing expertise, as well as an in-house R&D team who are constantly looking to improve orthotic devices via the newest technology available.